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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome! For informational purposes, below are some health related issues:

To comply with the education laws of New York State, every new student in Pre-K or Kindergarten, grades one, three, five, seven, nine and eleven must a have a physical examination/health certificate with Body Mass Index (BMI) along with Weight Status Category (WSC). The dental law “requests a dental certificate” at the same time the health certificate is required. Your own Health Care Provider should complete this exam in June, July, or August. For children under 19 years of age, who are without health insurance, Child Health Plus can be applied for through Suffolk County at HIP, Stony Brook University, or a local clinic like CI Health Clinic. 

All new entrants to Kindergarten-Fifth Grades for 2019-2020, must have proof of the following immunizations stamped from a doctor/clinic, NYSIIS, or CIR: 3-5 DTPs, 3-4 Polios, 3 Hepatitis Bs, 2 MMRs and 2 Varicellas (chicken pox). Requirements for Pre-K students are 4 DTPs, 3 Polios, 1 MMR, 3 Hepatitis Bs, 1 Varicella, 1-4 HIBs (1 if first is after 15 months), 1-4 PCVs along with Lead results. Requirements for Grades 6-12 are according to NYS PHL 2164.

During the school year, each child in Grades Pre K or K, 1, 3 and 5 will have a Vision Screening and Hearing Screening. New Entrants receive the Color Perception Screening. A height and weight assessment is sometimes completed also. Parents are only notified if there is a problem and are expected to make an appointment with your health care provider. The referral form must be completed and stamped by the doctor then returned to the school nurse ASAP.            

Emergency Health Office info cards are sent home the first day of school. Return it to school the next day. Include numbers where you can be reached (i.e. telephone, cell, or pager). There must be at least three emergency names and numbers within the local area of Central Islip.             Medications that a child needs to take in school must be brought to school by an adult for safety reasons, and with the doctor’s order, as well as, the parent’s written permission.

Medications are to be dropped off the first day of school and picked up by an adult on the last day of school after the students’ are dismissed at 12:15 p.m. but by 3:30 p.m. Any medication not picked up by the end of the day on the last day of school is disposed of according to NYSED Recommendations.

Any child with a fever, a rash, vomiting or lice must be picked up from school and cannot go home on the bus. The child must be free of fever, vomiting, rash, and/or illness for 24 hours before returning to school. Students must be free of fever without the use of Tylenol, Motrin or FeverAll for 24 hours before returning to school. Please do not send the child to school with the above or a contagious illness of the skin or eye, chicken pox, strep throat, etc.; a doctor’s note is required upon return to school. Parents please notify the school nurse if your child has been exposed to any communicable disease or has lice.            

Any child with modifications such as a cast, wheel chair, walker, stitches/staples, a fracture or broken bone, or on crutches or seen in a hospital Emergency Department needs a note to return to school from the health care provider or clinic upon or before return to school. Medical transportation requires a doctor’s note. An updated note from the doctor  is required for return to regular physical education and recess.

All children in kindergarten are expected to be toilet trained, to wipe him/herself and to dispose of the used toilet paper in the toilet bowl. However, accidents do happen; please send an extra set of clothes in a labeled bag.  If your child accidentally stools on him/herself, you will be called to pick up your child.            

The children go outside for 15-20 minutes for recess and/or bus dismissal unless the temperature is below 33 degrees Fahrenheit or there’s inclement weather (i.e. raining, snow on the ground, very windy or large puddles). Please dress your children appropriately. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Sincerely yours,

C. R. B-Johnson, MS, RN, PNP
School Nurse Teacher/Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
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